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Atrain.in is a private site and has no connection with Indian Railways, Govt. of India or Govt. Railway sites in any way. All contents available in this site is just for Information Purpose and is intended to Personal Non-Commercial Use only.

Train Live Location

Train Live Location Is one of core feature of atrain.in . We are using thered party API Service to get train current status and route info. In Train status we provide train information like current status and Route of the station . In statin route information like arrival time , departed time , expected arrival time , expected depart time , kilometers , late by time are included.

Train Live Location On Google Map

We are Using Google map serivces to show train route and current status on Google Map . In Map Route marker arrow are used to indicated railway station and we are using location lat-lon as we get in railway api service. Some time marker position and actual railway station not match as excect position . Map marker window also show train arrival or depart time for that location-station. Map with Green markers indicate train has arrived at that location and red marker indicate that train has departed from location. Yellow color marker indicate that train is currently on that location or station

Favorite Train - Daily Travel Train List- To Get Quick Status

Favorite Train is a list or collection of train in which user mostly or daily travel . Its provide facility to quick and fast check status of train . Without re-enter or fill train numbe , train live status load automatic . List of Favorite train is stored in local storage of browser

Train Alarm - Offline Updates -Email/Sms

Train alarm and Offline update is functionality in which user can sms-email notification of train status update.

User have to verify his/her email or mobile to get train updates sms or email .

In alarm user can set time with repeating option to get train location .

Also user can set shedule alarm for any stop or station . In this alarm user can set any station (which is in train route) and they will get status update when train will arrive or depart from selected station

Near By Train - Train Near To Any Location

Here user can set there location using google map and he/she will get all list of railway station near to selected location. In Station list it will show all available train at now time

If user browser supports user's device location than By allowing location detect , he/she can easily get train near to him/her.

Station Live Time Table

In railway station detail page we give all the detail of station and all train passing through . Also provide services to display all time table for station and detect current location for train.

Train Route

Train Route is detailed view of train . It will show trains actual time , station or route passing through , distance between station . Also on google map it will show full route with station detailed markers